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New Worktops

Here the landlord didn’t want to replace the whole kitchen, just new worktops and a quick tidy up.  We replaced the sink with a new tap as the old one was sited on the worktop and had rotted through.  Finishing touches were tiles to form a splashback.

Exposed all the way back to the communal feed

Leak under kitchen

There had been an ongoing leak from this flat into the flat below but nobody had been able to find it.  It was narrowed down to being from the kitchen.  The flat had tenants living there so we had to work around them and leave them with partial use of the kitchen, the landlord also …

Gloss white, low maintenance for new tenants

Kitchen refurb

Another rental property that was long overdue some attention.  The floor was very weak after continuous leaks from the washing machine, the adjacent bathroom and even the communal water pipes.  In the end we ripped up the whole floor back to the concrete block floor and let it dry before starting again.  Definitely added value …