Category: Bathroom

Ensuite shower

This ensuite shower had leaked past the delaminating tray into the bedroom next door and damaged the floor. Because its a basement flat and there were no obvious external signs, the first the tenants knew there was a problem was when water was seeping through the bedroom laminate when they walked across it!

All finished, washing machine & drier moved into the kitchen.

Shower refurb

Tired old shower and utility room in a rental flat.  We ripped everything out, upgraded and simplified the plumbing, removed the electrical outlets and reconfigured the room.  All ready to put on the market for some new tenants.

Dated bathroom, bath under the window, never a good idea with a shower.

Bathroom refurb

Typical London Mansion block bathroom, worked well for all these years but sooner or later they need updating to modern standards.  Bath under the window was fine as a bath but nowadays tenants prefer showers so we re-sited the bath away from the window.  More problems found once it was all stripped out, the original …

Bathroom floor

The tiles on this bathroom floor were all moving and breaking up.  Not very nice when you get out of the bath!  We lifted the tiles, pulled up the subfloor, repaired the dodgy plumbing and rebuilt it for another happy customer.